The Tommyrots

Four rascals have found their calling in creating original retro pop-rock. Two "Toms", a bass guitar, and a drum. Literally...

The Tommyrots (literally "the nonsense") invite you harmoniously to join in the senseless pastime of listening to their new creations. 
Never before has it mattered more than to surrender and let yourself be carried away by this authentic sound, shaped by echoes from the past. Inspired by old legends like The Beatles, The Who, Stealers Wheel, but also by more contemporary artists like Blur and The Lemon Twigs; the boys of The Tommyrots combine inventive and catchy melodies with sharp chords, accompanied by raw guitars and distinctive vocals.

During concerts, the quartet offers a unique experience where the atmosphere is strongly colored by a rich sound of triple harmonies and roaring '60s guitars. While the bass and drums, along with the guitars, form the backbone of the band, the quality in vocals stands out the most. A band with only four members, three of whom sing, is unique to the ear, rare to the eye, and a privilege to the band.

Profile photo taken by Julia Beau Heijnen.